Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How to Become a Leading Investor in NY

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The Path to Become a Leading Investor in N.Y. Once the graduate degree is in hand, forward movement is the next big step. Many graduate students will naturally consider the path forward to become a leading investor in N.Y. NewYork's financial district is a maze and a wonderland of intricacies that grad students need to study carefully before choosing the best path forward.

If Wall Street is the new address to which grads aspire, start with a seasoned investing mentor. Savvy investing mentors are worth their weight in gold, which by the way, grads know is a top investment and is selling at around $1323 for a 1 oz gold bar. Even gold as an investment has its intricacies. There is a difference between the price of gold bullion and gold bars as investments and also a difference in how these are invested. This is just one example of why it is so important for grads to know the "next step" forward in their career path.

One Step at a Time to Become a Leading Investor in N.Y.

There is so much at stake to become a leading investor in N.Y. It's important to recognize this fact before taking any steps. Today's investors are varied and represent a wide range of investment opportunities. Few become Warren Buffet, "the Oracle of Omaha," in a single day. For grads unsure of investments and the investing process an experienced mentor will help choose the right direction. For example, investments in real estate at present are quite different than real estate investments of the early 1900s. Grads need to know the core operatives of the history of real estate investments and also the trajectory of this type of evolution. There are several resources that can help grads understand the rhythm and pace of investors in New York. One of these is practically the Bible for Wall Street, The Wall Street Journal. Others include Money Magazine, Bloomberg and the U.S. website

Who are Leading Investors in New York?

The leading investors in New York are well known and recognized. These include:

. JP Morgan

. Goldman Sachs

. Blackstone

. TIAA Cref

. Morgan Stanley

. Clarion Partners

Graduates students can't afford the luxury of assuming their graduate degree is all they need to become a leading investor in New York. Leading investors' educations never end with a degree. Acquiring experience is one of the most valuable assets to become a leading investor in New York.

David Milberg is an investment banker from NYC.

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