Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Matthew Perry Reinventing Career with Little Help from Friends

Matthew Perry reinventing career with little help from Friends

Matthew Perry, who most of the American public knows as Chandler from Friends, is about to debut on the small screen as a younger Senator Ted Kennedy, opposite Katie Holmes, who will reprise her role as Jackie Kennedy. Perry told the Associated Press he took the job because it “scared” him, and he called it the most challenging of his career. It may also be the role that could be a breakout in his career.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Deliver Criticism That Gets Results

Deliver criticism that gets results

It can be tough, but at some point, you will have to offer someone constructive criticism. I say constructive criticism because the other versions are easy. It can be simple to lose your temper and beat someone up verbally when you feel irritated or frustrated. It’s much more difficult to use it as a teachable moment, to inspire someone to get better. However, it’s exactly this latter approach that will have the biggest positive benefit for your team and your organization.

The foundation for this approach is in the bone-deep understanding that you are not just correcting behavior, you are helping a person grow and become a better version of themselves. Remember, you hired them for a reason. Don’t allow a mistake to obscure that.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Arnold Tired of Hearing About Donald

Arnold tired of hearing about Donald

One of the constant proverbial pokes in the eye this past campaign season has been that Donald Trump is “nothing more than a reality TV star.” Now, the veracity of that statement can be easily challenged, but that didn’t stop the political left from making hay with that line of argument multiple times.

Trump, for his part, made a point to repeat, ad nauseum, his insistence that going forward, he would have nothing to do with The Apprentice, the reality show in question. That role would now belong to movie star and former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. But this did little to deter naysayers and late night comics enjoying their dig at The Donald.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Timeless Leadership Advice for Young Businessmen

Timeless leadership advice for young businessmen

When it comes to advice, you know just about everyone has some, regardless of whether or not it could actually help you. But what would some of the top leaders in business have to say to someone just starting out? They’ve been where you are right now, and they can give you some perspective and some invaluable wisdom. If you’re willing to listen. Here is some excellent advice from people who know what it means to succeed.

There are many ways to learn, but one of the best ways to learn quickly is to pay honest attention to what is working and what isn’t. If someone comes to you and says something isn’t working, don’t grab onto it tighter just because you Like It That Way. Let go of what you want to work and embrace what actually can work to get you where you want to be. Method is important, but don’t sacrifice success on the altar of wanting to achieve it a certain way.