Thursday, February 23, 2017

Bob Jones University Regains Nonprofit Status…Too Soon?

Bob Jones University regains nonprofit status…too soon? - David Milberg

During the 2000 Presidential election, a bomb was dropped right into the middle of conservative politics in America. While it wasn’t enough to keep George W. Bush, the self-proclaimed born again believer, out of the White House, it shook some segments of the Religious Right to the core. Now, sixteen years after the fallout, the group at the center of the PR crisis is hoping there’s been enough water under the bridge.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Squirrel! How to Keep Your Focus in a World Built on Distraction

Squirrel! How to keep your focus in a world built on distraction by David Milberg

Ask any serial entrepreneur, and they will likely admit to being a bit easy to distract. That’s because, to be a successful business builder, you need to have a bit of a horizon focus, always looking for something new or better or different to chase after. Some business owners who are also managers struggle to bring this impulse to heel when they need to buckle down and build where they’re at.
In many cases, leaders get excited and miss the early signs their focus may be slipping. Because they have failed to set up fail-safes in their business lives, they travel too far down the road to distraction, ending up with too much going on and not enough of themselves to go around to give any of it due attention. Here are a few ways you can protect your focus and keep yourself from being spread too thin.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Trump To Win With Theresa May

Trump To Win With Theresa May by David Milberg

President Trump is kicking off his foreign policy agenda by renewing ties with one of America’s closest allies, Great Britain. The President said he considers the connection between the two countries to be “one of the great bonds” and says the US, “…pledges our lasting support to this most special relationship… Together, America and the United Kingdom are a beacon for prosperity and the rule of law.”