Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bush Continues to Fire at Trump

 Trump and Jeb Bush Debating -By David Milberg
You can tell the primary season is about to begin in earnest. Candidates have stopped sending glancing blows and are now trying to strike in earnest. Particularly those trying to come back from way behind. Jeb Bush, who was once considered a top-tier near shoo-in nominee, has decided his best way back is to keep hammering away at Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Infographic by David Milberg

Bush has been moving around New Hampshire, going from campaign stump to campaign stump, decrying Trump as a “disaster” for the GOP, and, by all accounts, the son and brother of former presidents seems to (finally) be having a good time.

According to CNN, Bush went after Trump in a big way at one stop in particular. “Donald Trump is a showman, he’s a phenomenal guy, he blocks out the sun effectively. He says outrageous things and the press, it’s like a moth to light…He is playing them like a fine Stradivarius, and it consumes all the news,” he said.

Then Bush said it’s time for the GOP race to “get serious,” once again insinuating Trump is not a “real” candidate.

Not that Trump seems to mind the attacks. He takes them in stride and shrugs them off, calling Bush “weak” in a recent debate and taking that line on the road, offering it to his raucous crowds at various campaign stops.

For his part, Bush told critics to “expect” the hard exchanges and harsh political ads. It is, after all, that time of the political season, the former Florida governor said.

And what are the sorts of things Bush is saying? Well, he recently admitted he thinks Hillary Clinton would “beat Trump like a drum. Just tear him up. It’ll be ugly to watch.”

As the attacks continue, Trump just shrugs them off, the benefit of a front runner who shows no signs of losing that lead. Every time Bush fires at Trump, Donald nods and says, ‘of course, he’s in single digits, and I’m leading in all the polls.’

 The line, an equivalent of a leading team pointing at the scoreboard when a losing player celebrates a solid play, has been working for Trump.

Only the primary results will reveal if Bush’s full court press had any impact.

David Milberg is a credit analyst from NYC.

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