Monday, May 22, 2017

Cornell’s Family Disputes Suicide Reports

Cornell’s family disputes suicide reports
The morning after a big concert in which he declared Detroit was once again “Rock City,” legendary grunge rock frontman Chris Cornell was found dead in his hotel room. Legions of GenX fans of the former Soundgarden and Audioslave lead singer and songwriter were devastated to hear the news. Then the other shoe dropped. Investigators ruled the death a suicide, and the rumor mill fired up.

Was Cornell found in his bed? Did he hang himself? Was the death accidental, or was it murder. Most could not believe it would have been suicide. The band was touring to huge, appreciative crowds, and Cornell seemed to have beaten back many of the personal demons that had plagued him through the years.

That said, there were indicators that not everything was as it might have been. Cornell’s wife, Vicky, admitted that in a phone call after the show, he admitted to having taken too much anti-anxiety medication. But did that jive with the report from the medical examiner, which is now public? Not really.

According to the Wayne County Medical Examiner, Cornell hanged himself in his hotel room. That news sent shockwaves through the grieving fans. The rumors were true. Another early 90s hard rock god was gone.

Cornell’s family dispute the medical examiner’s report, saying toxicology reports hadn’t come back yet, so any reports as to the cause of death were very much premature. Cornell’s attorney did admit that he was a recovering addict and that he may have taken too many Ativan pills, so he would not have known what he was doing.

Cornell’s drug addiction was well known. In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine back in the mid-90s, he said he started using at 13 and was subsequently booted from school two years later. During the same period, he suffered bouts of loneliness and depression, at one point having “no friends” for a long stretch of time.

Fast forward to that tragic night after the show. Vicky Cornell said Chris was “different” on the phone. Worried, she called security to check on him. There has been no report of what happened next, other than that, later, he was found dead in the hotel room, and the medical examiner ruled the death a suicide.

For fans of Cornell and his music, the news is a sad ending to the story of an artist who made an indelible mark on their young lives that continues today. As with the death of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, many are asking “why” … and thinking about others, they might still be able to help.

David Milberg is a financial analyst from NYC.

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