Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Jenner stalking hits the headlines

Jenner stalking hits the headlines

In the wake of the reported theft of millions in jewelry from Kim Kardashian and subsequent allegations related to the reports, “Keeping Up” was shelved indefinitely. Now Kim K’s sister, Kendall Jenner, is making her own headlines.

Jenner testified last week that a man accused of stalking her followed her home and up the driveway, that he knocked on the window of her car and terrified her. As Jenner sat in the car frantically calling friends for help, Shavaughn McKenzie stood outside the car watching her. Jenner told the jury she had never been more scared in her life.

According to Jenner, this is not the first time she has seen this man doing similar threatening things. She said he “accosted” her twice while she was driving near a condo she owns in Westwood.
McKenzie was indeed arrested outside Jenner’s home, charged with stalking and trespassing. If convicted, he faces six months in jail. It would not be his first stint for trespassing, as he has several convictions on this charge unrelated to Jenner. Authorities have said McKenzie is a transient from Florida, but have not said whether he has charges pending from that state.

Jenner testified that even after police arrested and took McKenzie away, terror still kept her frozen in her car, saying she was “literally traumatized” by events.

City Attorney Alex Perez described McKenzie as an obsessed, mentally unstable fan who has been trying to “meet” Jenner outside her home for some time.  Friends said Jenner was indeed shaken up by the incident, and she stayed with friends for several days even after McKenzie was arrested.
The outpouring of sympathy from fans was incessant after the event made the headlines. Jenner, despite being younger than her uber-famous sister and having spent less time in the spotlight, does have a massive following of dedicated fans to call her own.

And, of course, she has some detractors. Just as some have said Kardashian staged the robbery that’s been in the headlines recently, some have said Jenner is making way too much about the stalking incident. A common refrain, “why call friends instead of the cops if you felt like you were in danger”… well, others respond, if you’ve ever been in a traumatic situation, you would understand you don’t always think clearly.

Regardless, Jenner’s star is on the rise, and all the arguing just makes it glow brighter.

David Milberg is an financial analyst in NYC.

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