Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Heat on the hot seat as Bosh fails physical

Heat on the hot seat as Bosh fails physical

They say It Comes in Threes, and this may be It for the Miami Heat. Just a few short seasons ago, the Miami Heat were a dominant team, talking about Franchise of the 2000’s Status and multiple championships. But the past couple of seasons have not been kind to the NBA’s franchise in Miami.
First, longtime star and stalwart Dwyane Wade saw his numbers drop. Bringing in LeBron James from Cleveland helped, but the promised multiple championships never came. Then James and then there was only one of the Big Three left in Miami. But now center and team foundation Chris Bosh has failed his league physical. Bosh will not be allowed to participate in training camp, and his status for the season is in doubt.

Fans who once flocked to the arena in a city that has trouble filling pro sports stadiums are left feeling abandoned and hopeless. How can their team compete against James’ hand-built Beast of the East in Cleveland, or even the re-engineered Bulls and up and the upstart Raptors, who finished second in the East during the regular season last year? Know who was second? That’s right, Miami.
For the team itself, the news could be worse, but not by much. Bosh is far and away the team’s highest-paid player…and he can’t play. That’s a ton of money riding the pine and not ready for prime time when the regular season starts. Too much to go out and find some top tier talent to bring in to fill Bosh’s considerably large spot in the middle of the Miami set.

To date, both the team and the player are saying Bosh will be ready sooner rather than later, and, to be fair, some players have come into the league after missing training camp and done all right. But many more have struggled.

Basketball is a game of timing and wind, if you don’t have the lungs and the legs, you can’t keep the pace. And if your timing is off, the entire team is affected. That might work if you’re a sixth man … but the team’s star? That’s a recipe for disaster, and the season hasn’t even started yet.

David Milberg is a financial analyst in NYC.

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