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Game of Thrones Engages Fans with Even More Questions

Game of Thrones Engages Fans with Even More Questions
The secret to compelling serial storytelling is to create more questions even as you answer those your fans are already considering. Sometimes you answer them quickly. Others you draw out and only hint at, prolonging the pleasure of wonder, curiosity, and debate for your viewers.

One of the best programs to manage this double-edged promotionalsword is the HBO drama Game of Thrones. Based on the mega-bestselling fantasy series “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George RR Martin, Game of Thrones has remained consistently popular both with “book readers” and TV only fans because of strong storytelling and a rich world that creates real questions and anticipation for its viewers. For example, here is a discussion of several questions the latest series finale conjured in the minds of fans.

What in Westeros did Lyanna actually Whisper to Ned in that flashback?

Most fans think she shared the secret of John’s parentage or his name with Ned, or maybe it was the “secret” that she wasn’t kidnapped by Rhaegar, but she actually went willingly. Sure, most fans took that scene as, finally, confirmation that the biggest rumor in Game of Thrones was, in fact, true. Then again, there was no actual confirmation of this information, and GOT has a long, proud history of toying with the emotions of its fans.

What are the residents of Kings Landing thinking right about now?

All the peasants down in the market and Flea Bottom know is the sept exploded killing a bunch of rich folks and preachers. They don’t know Cersei was behind the explosion, nor do they know she was moving all the angles to put herself on the throne. Why does this matter? Because she just started (another) war and they’re all going to die…and they don’t know it yet.

Where is the Mother of Dragons actually headed?

Will Dany land in Kings Landing or will she stop in Dorne first to gather more blades for her army? It stands to reason she will come in high while the Sand Snakes lead their forces up from the south, but, again, this is Game of Thrones, there is no conventional wisdom.

What’s Littlefinger’s play now?

Some people are wondering who Sansa will side with. Silly question, she’s not going to betray her family (again). Especially since it went so horribly wrong last time she tried it. Also, though she doesn’t know it yet, both Arya and Bran are headed home, and little sister has some news that should interest Littlefinger a great deal. Nobody’s in charge at  The Twins. Lot of cash to be made there.Will these questions be answered in season seven, or will show runners keep viewers waiting? Share your thoughts.

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